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Tailored 1780 Stays Pattern - Ref Comtesse - 18th century historical corset pattern

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(Français en dessous)

"Made-to-measure" print-at-home sewing pattern for the realization of a late 18th century stays (1780-90).Please note, as this is a "custom size pattern" file, you will not receive it immediately after purchase, I will send it to you within 3 working days after you send me your own measurements.This delay is necessary since everything is made by me, in order to design the best customized sewing pattern.

Thank you for your understanding and your kindness towards this.

This is a 2-step download:First step (immediately after purchase):

As soon as the payment has been validated you will receive:
- a form of the measurements required. Please fill it and return it to me by email :
- A step-by-step illustrated guide to making this pair of stays in a modern way (in French and in English).

Second step (within 3 working days after sending me your measurements):

Once I have received your measurements, I will work on your personalized sewing pattern and get back (by e-mail) to you within 3 working days :
- the 1/1 scale sewing pattern for A4 or Letter sheets

Pattern information:

The sewing pattern is composed of 5 different pieces.
The design of the pattern includes an area for horizontal whalebone that can be embroidered at your convenience : please note that neither the design nor the embroidery file visible on my creation are included in the pattern.
The stays have back lacing and a small front lacing that stops at the waist for a better chest fit.
The pattern is elaborated with a small size reduction (around 9%) but you can ask less or more.

Note: this pattern is historically accurate. This means that it can also be used for historical re-enactment (with the appropriate fabrics and assembly technique). Feel free to express your creativity and adapt it to your own knowledge!The pattern includes the following indications:

Seam lines, 1/2" seam allowances, notches located at the bust and waist lines, complete drawing of boning channels and tabs, location of the eyelets for a spiral lacing, grainline and measurements of the material.

Pattern fabric requirement (quantities are indicated in the pattern):

Outer and lining fabric, cotton fusible interfacing, drill (or thick cotton serge), thin bias or twill tape, lacing tape, grommets, reed boning.

Required Skills:

Worked on the guide so that it could be understood by an intermediate-skilled tailor. Don't need to be a confirmed corset maker to make this pair of stays, just need to know how to sew straight (useful when sewing boning channels that are close to one another).
The only skill you will need is patience, some steps are time-consuming (inserting reed boning and sewing the bias all along the tabs), but nothing technically complicated.

Note: stays pictured is for illustration purpose only, it is not for sale.

Patron « sur-mesure » à imprimer pour la réalisation d’un corps baleiné de la fin du 18e siècle (1780-90).

Attention, comme il s’agit d’un fichier « sur-mesure », vous ne recevrez pas le patron instantanément, mais 3 jours ouvrés maximum après m’avoir envoyé vos mesures.Ce délai correspond au temps qu’il me faut pour concevoir votre patron à vos mesures!Téléchargement en deux temps :Premier temps (instantanément) :

Dès que le paiement aura été validé vous recevrez :
- un fichier de prise de vos mesures à me retourner dûment rempli par mail :
- La notice de montage (en français et anglais) illustrée de photos, expliquant pas à pas comment confectionner de manière moderne ce corps baleiné.

Second temps (sous 3 jours ouvrés après m’avoir envoyé vos mesures) :
Une fois que j’ai reçu vos mensurations, je travaille sur votre patron et vous retourne (par mail) sous 3 jours ouvrés maximum :
- votre patron à l’échelle 1/1

Patron composé de 5 pièces avec laçage dos et petit laçage avant.

Design comprenant une zone pour le baleinage horizontal qui peut être brodée : attention ni le dessin ni le fichier de broderie visible sur ma création ne sont compris dans le patron.
Réduction de taille (environ 9%) mais vous pouvez me demander plus ou moins

Indications comprises:
Lignes et marges de coutures de 1,5cm, repères de montage situés au niveau des lignes de poitrine et de taille, dessin des casiers à baleines, emplacement des œillets, droit fil et métrés du matériel.

Matériel nécessaire :

Tissu extérieur, entoilage, coutil (ou sergé de coton rigide), tissu de doublure, baleines en rotin, œillets métalliques, biais ou ruban sergé, ruban de laçage.

Compétences requises :

J’ai travaillé la notice pour qu’elle soit compréhensible par un.e couturier.e de niveau intermédiaire.

Nota : Le corps baleiné en illustration n’est pas à vendre